TheCoronaVirus Android App built using React-Native ⚛️ in Just A Day 🤯

A simple and easy-to-use android app to track covid-19 cases.


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TheCoronaVirus Android App built using React-Native ⚛️ in Just A Day 🤯

So, I was observing the chaos created by the covid-19 pandemic and thought to do something to help the community. Fortunately, I came across React-Native, an amazing technology to create cross-platform mobile apps. I went through its documentation and being from React.js background I quickly grasped the basic concepts and decided to build an app for covid-19 using React Native

Finally, After going through react native's documentation and navigating through some problems during builds, I was able to build this in a day. Yes, just a day and I launched it. ⚡️

As soon as I launched it, I received immense support from my friends, colleagues, and community. ❤️ They were happy to use this app for tracking covid-19 cases, getting help, accessing resources, etc.

Here's what the app offers.


  • You can track the statistics in real-time. ⏱
  • Sort the data by states and dates like today, or yesterday. 📆
  • Even there’s a self-assessment helper for COVID-19. 🩺
  • Other important things like which helpline number to call in case of emergency. 🆘
  • Also, I’ve provided the WhatsApp support number too. 💬


And!!! The best part is I've made it open source. 🌼