A Real-Time Water Tank Level 💧 System with Push Notifications 🔔

Hacking NodeMCU ESP8266 with ultrasonic sensors to detect water level

So, I was taking a shower and you know what it stopped 😐 (had to call somebody to turn the motor on). So, I thought to tackle this problem. I brainstormed a bit and then came up with an idea of measuring the tank level. So, that I won’t forget to turn the motor on when it’s necessary.😅

Solution 💡: Built an IoT solution that uses a NodeMcu and an Ultra Sonic sensor which measures the level of water in the tank. It sends data to my hosted server which in turn sends data to a mobile app. Using this app we can see the level of the tank, percentage, liters of water in real-time. We, also get notifications on mobile when the water is low or it’s full.

It’s a tiny thing, but made an impact on using IoT stuff. Gonna make it more robust now.